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we deny the obvious so often.

i scream you scream put away that celery in your hand and have some damn good ice cream! 😛😁🍦#doubletrouble #baskintheirgloryrobbins #iloveyou

The sky looked like an ocean yesterday. #latergram #beautiful

Forever grateful.💜


Passed by this scene yesterday and couldn’t help but take a picture. As I watched it pass by I finally started to feel the impact of the fact that in a few more weeks, that same airplane will take me to a new chapter in my life,. I am all sorts of excited! But at the same time I will miss everything. My family, my friends, SHAWARMA haha. Despite my love/hate relationship with this place, Dubai is my home. And I don’t regret growing up here. Its a bittersweet feeling to be honest. And it’s about time I find my place this world, and who I wanna be. Im ready. I have a good feeling about this. Thank you Lord for everything. Let’s go! ✈️✈️✈️✈️🗽 #nyc #slapmethiswassosappy #imhungry

#Foooood #Charley’s #latergram

#datewiththebae #jkjustme

{Foodography//May-June •14•}

p [ l a i d ] back kind of day.